Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Buy The Right Travel Insurance

When traveling to EU countries, having travel insurance is a mandatory thing. But when traveling to another country, travel insurance between being and not. How important is the actual travel insurance?

EU governments and some other countries require anyone entering the country to use the travel insurance. Typically, travel insurance is included in the qualification completion of travel documents.

It does not sound familiar to the ear a few people, especially those that have never been to countries that require such insurance. But basically this type of insurance is very useful for those who have special needs.

When the body is suffering from certain diseases, travel insurance so the subject matter that must be met. You certainly do not want to fall ill and was hospitalized abroad that have inflated prices, is not it? Therefore, some people have taken this type of insurance without a second thought when it comes to travel.

If healthy and feel no need to have travel insurance, you also tend to not care about this issue. But in fact, this type of insurance also bear some of the little things that can suck, like a plane delay.

"Simple things are usually claimed to be the user's travel insurance is a delay plane," said Head of the Division of Consumer Lines Chartis Indonesia, Philippe Danielski in the event Astindo International Travel Fair (AITF) in 2012 at the Paradise Hall, Jakarta Covention Center, Jl Asia Africa, Central Jakarta, Friday (3/16/2012).

Not only health, protection of your sporting goods such as surf boards and golf equipment, are also covered by insurance type. In addition, users can also be protected insurance during challenging activities, like diving, hiking and other sports.

Even so, awareness of the features of such a journey is still comparatively small. To travel abroad, only 5-10% of people who use the travel insurance. As for the trip in the country, the frequency of people using this policy is less than 5%.

The price offered for travel insurance varies, ranging from few hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on destination and length of trip. Well, you can consider all aspects before deciding to have had a travel insurance or not. The choice is yours.

What is Travel Insurance?

If during the trip you always run smoothly, MAY NOT BE the next trip, there could be things that are not desirable. No one ever knew the trip would go smoothly, or even vice versa? Read this article carefully for your own good ...

As is known, while traveling, our bodies tend to be more susceptible to disease. This can happen because during the trip, our immune system tends to weaken from lack of rest, lack of nutrition from the foods we eat on the trip and the temperature difference at the destination. Under these conditions, the different types of diseases can easily infect the body.

Our travel insurance products have been developed to give you peace during this trip.

AXA to see that people are traveling for different purposes, there is for a vacation with your family, for business meetings, to play golf, or a combination thereof.

With our policy has been designed carefully, we believe this policy will meet your travel insurance needs. Insured object

Travel Insurance offers you extensive protection for costs and unexpected losses that may occur while you are traveling on business or vacation.

Scope of Warranty:

permanent disability
powerlessness remain
Treatment costs (max 10% of Sum Insured) For cash at the Hospital
Loss on the trunk (trunk) / luggage and personal items
Delays in receipt of luggage (suitcase) / luggage trip delay
The costs of repatriation (repatriation)

Insurance Agent Explains

I actually insurance-related entries, frankly I do not quite understand much about insurance, but I tried to tell me as much as possible. Hehehe...

the entries I made after I signed up for insurance after a long I live I I I de insurance, manalah know just the right difficulty later. Actually everyone should have at least one insurance for protection, because when the insurance accident or trouble will assist experienced little difficulty. Although not 100%, if we are a student, we certainly I covered by insurance or other insurance takaful. But no one if we add to the burden of insurance will be reduced. (ok I stop fooling).

What is Insurance?

When you buy an insurance policy to pay premiums to the insurance company you have contracted with the insurance company will be obliged to pay a sum of money agreed upon in the event of an accident or death to you. life insurance

- It is intended to provide financial security to the children and other dependents who are under the breadwinner if he died.

- In the event of an accident, insurance is used as protection in the event of an accident which cost a lot, which can not be in charge by the victim or the victim's family.

Tips for buying insurance

A. Make sure your insurance agent registered with the General Insurance Association of USA.

B. Read the insurance policy from your agent about terms and conditions contained in the policy and check clearing it with PIAM or friends who may have taken a similar policy.

C. Make sure that all the benefits to be derived are clearly specified in the agreement.

There are actually many types of insurance, if you want to describe a three-day, four night it was not finished yet.

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